Laptop Skin/ Notebook Cover Done!

I'v hide the Intel & Microsoft original stickers underneath.

2 added stickers is a brilliant idea for easier touching while your eyes
staring at the screen!

Can you see the clothing texture?

Say good bye to the dull black cover of my Acer.

Retro-style flower printing is one of my favorite design overall.

The customization of my notebook has done! Just a few steps to finish it,
very easy. Hopes you can show me your works too!


How to apply Notebook Skin?

o(∩_∩)o... Tech Hypermart has brought in various designs of Notebook Skins lately.

I'm not going to waste my time dreaming already, let's start our notebook make-up!

Tools prepared before we get started:
Sharp cutter & scissor, Cutting Pad (or a thick magazine will do), Pen, Ruler, Adhesive tape, Cleaning Cloth, My Card (or any card like credit card or ATM card)......Sorry that I'v forgot to include all tools in this image.

Step 1:
Clean your notebook surface with cleaning cloth. This is important to prevent bubbles when applying the skin.

Step 2:
Measure & Trim-to-fit your notebook size.

Since I'm doing it with the 12" Acer laptop, I have to cut out the extra border. Ensure the measurement is right-fit-to your laptop, and draw the lines behind the notebook skin for fine cut edges.

Advise for trimming:
Don't cut Exactly-fit-size at the begining. Try to leave some extra space (about 1-2mm) to avoid over crop.

Okie, it looks fitting well after a few times trimming. I shall start to stick it now!

Step 3: Fix the laptop skin on top of the laptop with adhesive tape.

Step 4:
Peel off the white background of notebook skin's sticker and cut it into half.

Step 5:
Wipe over the skin slowly (to avoid bubbles) with my ISETAN member card.

Repeat step 4 & 5 to finish the other half side.

If bubbles appeared or you want to reposition
the skin, simply pull up the desired section and reapply.

Step 6:
Pressures the border with finger tips.

Yay! 80% Finished!
The unfinished 20% is the Keypad surrounding surface.

I'll post the finished make-over pictures later. Keep track on my blog!

Want to get yours? Click here to check out more designs:



T-PC X11A (White) Netbook: Qing-Hwa Porcelain (china) Designs

Today's Topic: Qing-Hwa Porcelain (china)

For the past 10-years, China had showed the world of their culture, civilization and modernlization. The 2008 Olympic games held in BeiJing was one of the most memorable & historic event ever.

Miss Olympic Etiquette Dressed in Qing-Hwa Qi Pao

There is no doubt that the western world has great interest in the enchanted yet mystery beauty of the orientals art & culture. And I think after the 2008 Olympic Games, the flames has rise to the highest level. As we can see the whole world is fascinated with chinese traditional art and turning all kind of chinese element into fashion.

Qing-Hwa Porcelain (China) , is one of the most popular element used in fashion industries. The vivid blue paints on white-based porcelain represent the beauty of silence & pure, I might say that kind of beauty are more to nature, and more to Zen.

Artists (Left: ZhiLing, Lin Right: Jing, Hu) dressed in Qing-Hwa prints

Artists (Left: BingBing, Fan Right: FeiFei, Dai) dressed in Qing-Hwa prints

Even the extraordinary fashion designer John Galliano has creat his masterpiece of luxury Qing-Hwa gown, for the Christion Dior Spring 2009 Haute Couture in Paris.

Dior Fashion Collection Runway

John Galliano wasn't the 1st and not the only fashion designer who inspired by chinese porcelain. Roberto Cavalli had released the Qing-Hwa collection in the early year of 2005. Guess what, our favourite spice girl - Victoria wore it too.

She's adorable and gorgeous!
Why I'm so excited for Qing-Hwa porcelain? Hrm...is that something to do with Jay Chou's famous song "青花瓷" ? No...not really....that is because of these......

The new arrivals of Tech Hypermart.Com. This is a brand new 11.1" ultra-light & thin netbook from T-PC series, model: X11A (white). X11A is an OEM netbook, original released from Olevia to the HongKong market. The design is truely inspired by Qing-Hwa porcelain and I love it so much! The high-end of fashionably taste was never expected (for me) and it's rock!

11.1" inch Display:
What makes T-PC X11A differ from a normal 7"-10.1" Netbook/UMPC, was the 11.1"
Hi-Def (1,366 x 768 resolution) LED TFT WideScreen. It's 16:9 screen displays wider, for easier web browsing.

Left: 7"-10.1" (1,024 x 600 res.)              Right: 11.1" (1,366 x 768 res.)

Other than the beautiful design, T-PC X11A has up to 6-hours battery life (depends on usage) with it's 6-cell Li-Poly battery. Weighing 1.58 kg, it's definately not the lightest netbook we have in store (click to check out new released Acer Aspire One, weight only 1.35kg) , but it's absolutely a good choice for cost-conscious user.

Just like an ordinary netbook, T-PC X11A features 160GB HDD (WesternDigital), 1GB DDR2 RAM, powered by Intel Atom N270 processor (1.6GHz, 512K Cache, 533 MHz FSB) & Intel 945GSE Chipset, support WiFi 802.11b/g, with 1.3 megapixel webcam & built-in Mic.

T-PC X11A is ready for your video-conference, web surfing & other entertainments. The elegant design sure will capture the eye sights at cafe (or any WiFi-abled restaurant).
Full Specs (I/O):



HP Compaq CQ40-337TU on Crazy Sale !!!

"We We We ~~~" erm...you may have no idea what is this about, but let me explain it. The "We We We" thing is Tech Hypermart newest commercial slogan, it was to express the joyful moment while shopping online \(^6^)/~``*

Our latest bomb to the computer market is the notebook above, Compaq CQ40-337TU. It will only cost you RM1639. Look, you can't get this price nowhere! It's Exclusively Online Price in our website! Which means you can enjoy student price even though you don't have your student pass for X years already. (Haha, don't be upsad ya)

What you'll get in this notebook:
Display: 14.1" HD Widescreen
CPU: Intel Pentium DC T4200 2.0GHz RAM: 1GB DDR2 SDRAM HDD: 250GB 5400rpm SATA OS: No. Free DOS
Battery: 6-Cell
Weight: 2.31KG
This is an ideal notebook for cost-conscious user. It gives you all you need, 14.1" HD widescreen display with HDMI, wireless capabilities, integrated webcam, mic and Altec Lansing speaker can keep you entertained and connected with your love ones.

Let's have a close view of the I/O:
There're LED status indicator & 2 audio jacks at front.

On the right side, you can see a LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD±RW with Double Layer Support, 2 USB ports, RJ-11 (Telephone/Modem connector) and Power-In jack.

The left side features VGA port, RJ-45 (LAN Connector), HDMI port, 5-in-1 Multi Card Reader, 1 USB port and Kensington lock slot (for notebook security lock)

The highlighted features of CQ40-377TU are HDMI port and LightScribe SuperMulti DVD RW. I believe many of you is familiar with HDMI. HDMI can keep the original high-resolution signal transmission. What is LightScribe Technology?

LightScribe is a laser printing technology on the exclusive LightScribe Disc. It provides a complete, convenient, cost-effective system for labeling optical discs. They are not many notebook's optical drive out there featuring this technology, so just enjoy the simple way to create silkscreen-quality disc labels direct from your CQ40-377TU!

Ok, tempting? I promised what you see is what you get. The image above shows all contents in the package, including Compaq Notebook, 6-cell battery, power adapter & cable and HP Nylon carrying case. Plus user manual in the red box. All for RM1639 only, BUY NOW!!


How to activate Astone UMPC touch panel?

Answer from internet: You have to press Fn button together with F7 and wait. you have to move the cursor with the touch pad and and then touch the screen. if the cursor moves on the area you touched then the touchscreen is now activated.

My comment: Yes, it does works!